Answer the Phone

Uncle Richard

Uncle Richard. He is as cool as he looks.

My Uncle Richard called me today. He’s one of my favorite people on earth. Not just because he’s my father’s brother and a wonderful family man, but also because he’s not afraid to be silly.

He does a version of the Tarantella, an Italian dance they do at weddings (Tarantella means tarantula in Italian) where he bends his knees and dances around hunched over, looking more like a rooster than a tarantula. Then he grabs you, looks you straight in the eye, and locks your arm in his as you twirl around the dance floor. He dances ferociously, like he does most things in life and I love him more every time I talk to him. Continue reading

Bagels and Bustin’ a Move With People I Love

Awesome Emil.

Awesome Emil.

The fabulous Reef.

Saint Reef.

I love getting to know my kids friends and realizing there are no pesky serial killers or violent offenders to worry about.  They’re good kids who I enjoy hanging out with too.

I love them all, especially Reef, my daughter’s boyfriend, who entered sainthood the day he served as spotter — helping me pinpoint where my intestinally challenged dog had left lovely gifts on my living room rug. But recently I got to spend some time with my son’s friend Emil, who I hadn’t seen in months.

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Esther, Who Never Gave Up Her Dream

Esther and I met in a beginners swim class. She was quiet, laughed at all my silly comments, and was determined to learn to swim, so of course, I liked her. She wore  a cute bathing suit with a sheer, pink, flouncy skirt that looked like a ballet outfit and had the nice legs I wish I’d been born with.

Esther sharing a moment with Kermit.

Esther sharing a light moment with Kermit.

We chatted between death-defying episodes of attempted swimming, and, after classes were over, we decided to keep coming twice a week to practice. We got to chatting and I found out Esther’s been taking ballet classes for ten years. Continue reading