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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Saint “Tude” Knocks Me on my Butt…Again.

March 29, 2017

I just consulted my Dictionary of the Saints and there is no Patron Saint of Gratitude listed. Maybe she or he is going incognito, but there is definitely a presence out there because any time I start having one of my self-indulgent, poor-me moments, I am busted by the Patron Saint of Gratitude. I think I’ll call her St. Tude. This happens about once every 1.5 years, like…

Random Thoughts


March 16, 2017

A few nights ago I was doing my bedtime ritual of piling pillows around me just the way I like them. I got all nice and cozy, then reached up and turned off my bedside lamp. I waited for sleep to knock me out, which for a Tunno takes about seven seconds. As I lay in the darkness of my bedroom I saw something I hadn’t seen in…

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What Will Change in a Year?

January 11, 2017

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love it. I love the decorating — filling the house with all my favorite things from Christmases past, laughing and remembering as we put up our ridiculous ornaments, baking, and being with family and friends. But I hate the rushing to try to get everything done and most of all, I hate taking it all down, packing it up and…

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A Day in the Life of a Soldier

November 11, 2016

My father proudly served in World War II as a medic in Patton’s army. When he came back from the war, he never wanted to talk about it. All he would say was is it was hell. He did tell me that the Germans used the red crosses on their helmets as targets, and my brother tells me that the medics were eventually armed with guns for self…

Random Thoughts

Your Mother’s Proud of You, No Matter What You Think – An Election Day Distraction Blog

November 8, 2016

Today’s election day,  and you’re going to need a distraction. I’ve got a little story about my mom and a good, easy, Italian, comfort food recipe because we’ll all need some comforting today, and probably for a while. But be sure you vote.  Too many people have risked and lost their lives for freedom in this country for you not to vote. Now back to the distraction.  I…

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When Brownie Mix is Your Best Friend

October 14, 2016

My apartment can go from immaculate to disgusting in about 2.5 days.  Having my Corgi, Topper in the house makes it all possible. Clumps of dog hair the size of tumbleweeds are rolling around as if it was the high desert. Newspapers are toppling over the basket where I usually have them neatly stacked. Dishes are piled in the kitchen and I am too stinking tired to do…

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What Love Looks Like

October 7, 2016

I’m writing about love today, which is rather ironic given that I’m a divorcee. But it’s the month of October. My parents married on October 7th, I was married in October and I’m going to a cousin’s wedding later this month, so it has me thinking about what love is, and what it isn’t. My father was not a man who showed great emotion – as you recall,…

Random Thoughts

KCRW Pie Contest Addendum

October 2, 2016

  Well, guess who continues to build character at an astounding rate?  Yes, it’s me. Although I went in pies a blazing, I left the KCRW Pie Contest without a ribbon, or even an honorable mention, but did manage to have a good time.  Luckily, I was with Allegra, who is always fun and very supportive. Now that I know the crowd (Public Radio people here in L.A.…

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Mi Dispiace, il Pranzo Era il Mio (I’m Sorry, The Lunch Was Mine)

September 23, 2016

I have been torturing myself with Duolingo lately.  It’s a website where you can learn another language. For the past 40 years I have been trying (clearly not hard) to learn Italian. This week possession has been making me miserable because I can’t tell the difference between him and her.  I’m learning handy phrases like: “Il gatto beve il suo latte,” which means the cat drinks his/or her…