Happy Thanksgiving!


Topper in scarf

Topper, ready for the holidays.

On my morning walk with Topper I was thinking how thankful I am for you, my faithful blog readers.  Maybe I overshare sometimes, but when I write, I think of each of you, whether you’re family, friends, co-workers, audiobook and voiceover friends, former PTA partners, or readers I’ve never met. I just have a feeling you can all identify. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone in whatever you’re dealing with, and if my blog helps with that, then I’m happy. And special thanks to those of you who re-post or share my blogs — that means so much to me.

Not every Thanksgiving is today. Some will be on Saturday, like mine.  The kids will be back, so we’ll get together with friends and eat the two turkeys I’m experimenting with this year.  One involves pancetta and shallots under the skin, the other involves lemon rind and rosemary. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Trophy close up- note Elissa clutching glory.

Who wouldn’t want this?

I’ll fill you in on the great Tunno Pumpkin Pie competition which is at Bernie and Donna’s house this year. We’ll see who goes home with the coveted trophy.

Enjoy your day with family and friends. If things get sticky, just remember, politicians come and go, but family is with you through thick and thin — if you’re lucky — for a lifetime.  So, celebrate the things you DO have in common – like an addiction to corn casserole.

And Happy Black Friday too! I know my Zazzle website, GettaSommaDis,  has some pretty great deals on Black Friday, so take advantage of the sales! You know you need some Italian Curse Word Wine Charms.

Topper and I send our best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!