The World’s Greatest Sleepers

I was at work last week, fighting a nasty bout of  bronchitis and kept nodding off at my desk. I thought I was being very sly, but someone walked past, noticed and mentioned it to me. He said it looked like I was in deep thought, but I think he was just being kind.

I know what I look like when I’m nodding off and it is definitely neither thoughtful looking nor attractive. I never think I’ll do it, but learned years ago that nothing can stop a determined Tunno sleep gene. Continue reading

Pasta Sundays are Kicking my Butt

I’m a great housewife, if I say so myself. Nothing thrills me more than inviting people for dinner and being hostess for an evening. I love gardening, fixing up houses, even cleaning them. Correction —  I love how I feel when they’re clean — big difference. Having all day to frame my favorite photos and decorate my living room would be a dream for me, but it ain’t happening. Continue reading

A Man And His Crabs

Bernie crabs

Bernie, with a crab leg the day after gallbladder surgery.

What makes a man recover from gallbladder surgery almost instantly?

a. The promise of a waiting platter of king crab legs and shrimp

b. The promise of pasta with crab sauce

c. The promise of scallop pasta with cream sauce

d. The promise of an adoring family

e. Leftover novenas prayed by his mother.

f. All of the above Continue reading

And the Winner is…

I’m still recovering from a week of food preparation and a day of serious hostessing. The heavens smiled on me and food magic happened, which means all my food turned out great, except for the gravy, which was a little iffy.  From now on, it’s only flour, no cornstarch in my gravy. My guests were wonderful, there were no awkward pauses in conversation, and my kid’s friends turned up too, which was great because I think of them all as my kids.

And, I did something different with my turkey this year.

It involves salt, bacon and a good massage.

Oh stop it, I know what you’re thinking. Continue reading