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And the Winner is….

November 26, 2023

Sorry I’m a little behind in posting the winner, it’s been a rough week, but more on that next blog post. The winner is…not me, or Anderson, who made it in for Thanksgiving. We were skunked by a seven-year-old, who won this year’s Annual Cutthroat Tunno Pumpkin Pie Competition. He even fluted the crust! It was my great-nephew Alessandro, who took the kids trophy last year. He got…

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Is Contentment Possible in 2023?

December 28, 2022

“Mary, Mary, Wake up, it’s Christmas!” I remember my eyes popping open and excitedly saying those words to my sleeping sister on Christmas morning of 1961, the best Christmas of my young life. Out in the living room sat wrapped packages and two large cardboard boxes that must have been too big to wrap…one was for me, one for my sister. Inside each box was a walking doll,…

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Ah Fall!

October 29, 2021

I’ve come to realize that western Pennsylvania does not have perfect weather very often, which is why when a perfect night like last night offered itself up, I jumped on it. The sky was a moody navy blue with puffs of cottony clouds that let a few stars peek through. As I’ve mentioned at least a million times, fall is my favorite time — with temperatures in the…