Justta Follow Da Recipe!

My mom was a born competitor, and proof is in this cornbread story. (The other corroborating evidence is in my Six Simple Words That Can End Your Life  post, where I narrowly escaped death by paring knife.) Continue reading

Bagels and Bustin’ a Move With People I Love

Awesome Emil.

Awesome Emil.

The fabulous Reef.

Saint Reef.

I love getting to know my kids friends and realizing there are no pesky serial killers or violent offenders to worry about.  They’re good kids who I enjoy hanging out with too.

I love them all, especially Reef, my daughter’s boyfriend, who entered sainthood the day he served as spotter — helping me pinpoint where my intestinally challenged dog had left lovely gifts on my living room rug. But recently I got to spend some time with my son’s friend Emil, who I hadn’t seen in months.

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Italian Bonding with Trader Pies and Easter Bread

Italian women bound into a flurry of baking activity before big holidays like Easter and Christmas. Then they rush their baked goods to friends and family, as though the holiday will not happen unless every last baked good is delivered. Continue reading