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James Beard, I Am Not

July 29, 2023

People can be so picky. They love you and your zucchini bread one day, the next, they want to kill you because your recipe left zucchini bread drippings all over their oven. So, clearly I will not be getting the James Beard award for excellence, but it’s not my fault. My mom was one of those seat-of-your-pants cooks. She just slapped stuff together and it tasted great, pretty…

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“Guilt is a Handy Tool” -the Chisel Bird, and Delicious Garlic Bread

May 1, 2020

Every morning a small, gray bird plants himself outside my bedroom window and starts a high pitched chirp, like an avian Paul Revere warning the British are coming. His ear-splintering chirps sound like a chisel hitting a brick or a stone. I call him the Chisel Bird. I lay in bed thinking, There’s Dad. He’s come back as a bird with a chirp so loud he can wake…

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Bagels and Bustin’ a Move With People I Love

September 25, 2015

I love getting to know my kids friends and realizing there are no pesky serial killers or violent offenders to worry about.  They’re good kids who I enjoy hanging out with too. I love them all, especially Reef, my daughter’s boyfriend, who entered sainthood the day he served as spotter — helping me pinpoint where my intestinally challenged dog had left lovely gifts on my living room rug.…