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Weird stories

Random Thoughts Weird stories

A Little Bit of Magic

June 24, 2016

I’m afraid I don’t believe in magic anymore. When I was young, I used to think there was some magic in the world and things could happen because you willed them to. I still think my mom willed herself to win on the Price is Right. She was determined like that. All you had to do was look at her and it was clear, if she wanted something…

Random Thoughts Weird stories

Ogie-Wan Kenobe

March 11, 2016

Remember in Star Wars, when Obi-Wan Kenobe fights Darth Vader and ends up dead, but then comes back? His image and wisdom are seared into Luke’s brain and Luke looks to him for powerful guidance during some pretty tough times. OK, I’m not saying that my dad, who we used to call, “The Ogre,” is a Jedi knight, but sometimes I feel his presence in some pretty remarkable…

Soups Weird stories

I Got a Visit on All Souls’ Day

November 3, 2015

I was rooting around in my closet a few nights ago looking for a jacket to wear because,  joy of joys, it’s finally cool in the evenings here. As I slid clothes along the wooden rod in my tiny closet,  I spotted my dad’s favorite green sweatshirt. He loved that sweatshirt and used to wear it all the time — really — I mean ALL the time. If you…

Weird stories

A Pooty (Pretty) Butterfly

September 25, 2014

Ever experience something that you don’t talk about much because you know people will look at you funny and say, “Yeah, right.” For me, it was the night my mom visited — maybe 7 or 8 years ago. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll know that’s impossible because my mom died in 1992. However, when she was alive, she always said that after she died…