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Pasta, Polenta & Risotto

Breakfast Pasta, Polenta & Risotto Side Dishes Vegetarian

We’re Almost There…I’m Bringing the Farro

February 26, 2021

I’m coping with Covid and unemployment with exercise. Everyday I hike the local hills. I stop just before I get to the freeway overpass, then turn around and go back. I once walked under it just to prove I could do it, but I know the next time I do the mother of all earthquakes will strike and all they’ll find will be a little thigh fat. Ever…

Pasta, Polenta & Risotto Vegetarian

The Joys of Tomato Season

September 8, 2020

I was talking to a friend about the deliciousness of tomatoes this time of year. Our conversation reminded me of rainy days in late summer when my sister and I used to sit in the garage staring out at the rain. She’d eat a tomato sandwich and I’d eat a tomato with sprinkled with salt, loving that sweet, sun-ripened juice running down my chin. Every August and September…

Pasta, Polenta & Risotto Vegetarian

The Covid 19

April 21, 2020

It will be a miracle if I don’t gain at least 19 pounds while home alone. I’m walking, doing push ups, and crunches, plus I throw the occasional solo dance party but it’s never enough. All my efforts are defeated by my love of cooking. The thing that thrills me even more than trying on those skinny jeans and feeling them loose, is trying a recipe for the…

Easy Delicious Dinner Ideas Pasta, Polenta & Risotto

If You Don’t Make Your Own Pesto, You Should be Slapped

August 19, 2014

If you don’t make your own pesto, you should be slapped. * There I said it. That’s probably the most controversial thing you’ll see on this blog, and I mean it. Why? Because you’re passing up your moment of culinary immortality. Years from now, people will forget how you looked, what you said and what you wore, but they’ll never forget the creamy, fresh taste of your pasta…