It’s National Tie One On Day!!!

Fran in 50's apron

Me, in my younger days, having tied one one.

Today is National Tie One On Day. If you want to go out and get wasted, be my guest. But I will be in the kitchen tying an apron around my waist – which is the real meaning behind the day, according to the National Day Calendar. Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving, tying on an apron is what most red-blooded Americans will be doing. I’m proud to say I’m one of them.

I will also be making and sharing some food, since my two kids will be here for Thanksgiving and my other son and his family are visiting this weekend. I get to see sweet Brandon, Ingrid and those cute little blonde-headed grandkids, who call me Fran-ma…since I’m not technically their Grandma. But try to convince me of that. Continue reading

A Man And His Crabs

Bernie crabs

Bernie, with a crab leg the day after gallbladder surgery.

What makes a man recover from gallbladder surgery almost instantly?

a. The promise of a waiting platter of king crab legs and shrimp

b. The promise of pasta with crab sauce

c. The promise of scallop pasta with cream sauce

d. The promise of an adoring family

e. Leftover novenas prayed by his mother.

f. All of the above Continue reading

It’s Not the House, It’s the Family

My brother just sent me a story from the Wall Street Journal about the Allen family from Pittsburgh, dealing with their first Christmas without their parents. It touched me because it could have been about our family. Their tree from the ’60s looked like a more attractive version of ours, and they had family traditions too.

They made jello salads and barbecue ham sandwiches with homemade buns for Christmas, and celebrated in the family home for years. We are fish cooking/eating maniacs on Christmas Eve and celebrated for almost 60 years in the same home. Continue reading