E=MC2 E=Energy, M=Me, C=Caffeine

I had no energy this morning. I also had no espresso this morning. Therefore, I felt sort of depressed because I didn’t want to do anything and didn’t feel like I’d accomplish anything all day.

I dragged around like a slug and finally went to Starbucks to get a tall latte. In a matter of moments, I had a flash of brilliance — an Einstein moment.

Not that Einstein needed me to concur that he was correct, but I finally got it.  E does =MC2, only, I just realized that,  in my case, C is caffeine instead of the speed of light. My mass, multiplied by the double espresso I finally had after realizing I’d be a lazy pig all day if I didn’t, creaImageted the energy I so badly needed to accomplish something. Now I’m wondering…should it have been a double espresso to be squared or a quadruple? I think double is right. God, I suck at math.

So, do anti depressants have caffeine in them? They should if they don’t because now, not only am I perky and a genius, I’m in a better mood. Wonder if  Einstein knew he could have substituted caffeine for the speed of light and the equation would still work? Am I really a genius now — or is this just an espresso overload? I’m not sure, but I do know I have to clean off my desk before it implodes and —

I will never go another morning without my fully caffeinated latte.

4 thoughts on “E=MC2 E=Energy, M=Me, C=Caffeine

  1. Spoken in jest: I hate to break this to you, but if you usually have a single shot espresso, the c squared would be … another single shot espresso! (because 1 x 1 = 1) However, if you usually have a double shot, then c squared would be quadruple … in which case, you might approach relativistic speeds, in which case things start getting really weird 🙂
    I love a gal who can quote Einstein in the morning.
    Should be more of it.

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