Happy Fourth of July!

Mom- Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

Today, my mother would have been 103. She’s been gone since 1992 and we still get “Mary” stories. Just today my sister forwarded me a note from our cousin’s daughter, Nannette.

The note said, “One of my favorite memories of your mom is when my mom took us to the old Beaver Falls movie theater to see, “Ammityville Horror,” and she busted out the rosary and started praying out loud , right there in her seat. At the time I wasn’t sure what to do, but now, just thinking about it makes me laugh.”

I love Nannette’s story because it corroborates my, “Raider’s of the Lost Ark,”story. My mom didn’t know how to be quiet in a movie theatre (or anywhere) and I remember shushing her — a lot, the day I took her to see, “Raiders.” Then, at the part where all hell breaks loose, the Nazi melts and the wind blows, my mother started crossing herself and yelling out loud, “Ooooh Jesus, Godda  forbid, Ooooohhhh Jesus Godda forbid!”

Mom-excited birthday girl.jpg

This is a woman who truly believes that whatever she wishes on that birthday candle is absolutely coming true! I loved that about her.

I’m with Nannette, just thinking about it makes me laugh too, which is what I love about all my memories of her.

However you choose to celebrate today, do it with gusto, like my mom. Leave people talking about you, or with their mouths hanging open, because, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing,”as Helen Keller wisely said.

Happy Birthday Mom and the USA!

P.S. If you have a funny Mary memory, please send it my way. I love hearing them!




11 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Loved Nannette’s story! I realize I never saw a movie in the theater with Grandma … wish I had. Boy, I miss those 4th of July celebrations where everyone got together at the brick house on Marion Hill and ate, played games, laughed and bonded! It’s not the same. Miss it, lots!

  2. I just love your mom, Fran. Thank you for introducing her to so many of us, and for reminding those who actually knew her of her special brand of love and zaniness. I had no idea you were a “late” baby.

  3. Another good one Brun!

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  4. Great story! Happy birthday to your mom. This October my dad, and one month later my mom, would both be 100. It doesn’t seem possible. Happy 4th to you, Fran; have a great day.

    • Thank you Bob and Happy Birthday to your parents also! They’re always alive in our memories and that’s what counts. Thanks for always reading and taking the time to write!

  5. Aww Susan, I love that! Thank you so much! You are exactly my mom’s kind of woman, so if she would reach out to anyone, it would be you. Thanks for always reading my blog and taking the time to comment. Congratulations on Katie graduating and getting settled and on what sounds like a fun life! Yes, let’s connect! I’m around today until 2:30 if you have time between suitcases! xoxoxoox

  6. Fran, I feel like I’ve been on a Merry-Go-Round the last month ( started with Katie’s graduation in Dallas in mid-may then two weeks in Seattle in early June for my godson’s confirmation , Father’s Day weekend in Las Vegas with Ritch to see Steely Dan & Steve Winwood, next day in Denver for a small family reunion at Mom’s- cousin and family came in from Pittsburgh and I hadn’t seen in twenty years. Then Katie and I flew to Dallas packed her apartment , drove to Austin and unloaded her into her new place). I got home late last night , made a scrambled egg and went to bed. Sitting on my living room floor are two suitcases and a carry on that need unpacked as well as mountains of laundry to do. What do I do? Unpack? Nope! Make a cup of coffee and turn on the TV. What show is on? The Price is Right! I chuckle to myself as I remember your mom and how funny she was with Bob Barker, one of my all time favorite stories! I reach for my phone and see your post that today is Mary’s birthday. Coincidence? I think not. I think she was reminding me to reach out. Think of you often, love your blog and would love to catch up soon. Susan

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