Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…and Wait…and Wait.

You probably think I died in my sleep since it’s been three weeks since my last blog post, but big things have been happening. This was foretold in fortune cookies, which usually say things like:  “You will prosper in the field of invention,” but were right on this time.better fortune shot.JPG

After EIGHT YEARS of freelancing I finally found the perfect job!  Freelancing is great if you like dining on Kool Aid, or don’t concern yourself with pesky rent and bills —  but having a regular job offers a security I love.  Even though an employer does have the ability to pull the plug on your entire life, like in 2008 when I was laid off two weeks after I filed for divorce, a full-time job still comforts me.

And it’s worth waiting for.  I haven’t been this happy since…actually, I’ve never been this happy in a job — that’s how happy I am. It feels so good to be valued and trusted that I keep thinking someone will pinch me and I’ll wake up.  If this is a dream, it’s a damned good one.

I also want to say thank you to God and my friends. To Samantha, who told me about the job, to Mark, who sent me a link to the job posting, to my friend Bruce, who produced and voiced some sample commercials for me, to Terry, who voiced another spot for me, to Bill, who kept asking his friend Leslie to put in a good word for me, to Leslie, who apparently did just that, to Kent who still spoke highly of me even though I hadn’t worked with him in 16 years, to Carolyn, who coached me with questions to prepare me for the three interviews, and to my nephew Patrick, whose amazing preparation for job interviews in the past showed me that the person who comes prepared is the person with the best chance of getting the job.  I am humbled by your support and your love. Once again, my dad’s saying, “Friends are better than money,” is so true.

So, this is a message of hope to anyone out there who’s been working toward something that hasn’t happened yet.  Keep plugging and maintain your friendships. Not only will friends keep you sane, they may know about a job somewhere that will be perfect for you!

At some point things will turn around, and when they do, you’ll find yourself smiling maniacally because life feels uncharacteristically good for a change.




31 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…and Wait…and Wait.

    • Hey Cathy, I’m not sure I ever responded to this sweet comment, but thank you so much. It’s good to be back in radio. I’m working for IHeartMedia now! Thanks for always reading!!!!

  1. Yay Fran!! i’m so happy to read this. Congratulations, whatever it is. My heart rejoices with you!! (and my voice is here if ever you should have need of it). May this be the start of many good things to come…..

  2. Congratulations, Fran! Many good wishes for a long and happy employment! It sounds like the ideal job! Good for you and all the hard work you put into getting it!

  3. Couldn’t be more overjoyed for you, Frannie. You deserve every bit of this happiness and fulfillment. It is the new characteristic of your life moving forward! Love you oxox

  4. Congrats Fran!! Are you going to tell us what the job is? I guess I’m just the nosy type- sure sounds like your dream job, just curious what you’re doing and where.

  5. So happy for you Franny ! Congrats on your new job 👍 I wish Bill & I could have come to PA for the wedding last weekend, but just wasn’t happening with other things here, like our grandson Roman’s Bday, and Billnot able to get away from the clinic. Think of you all often , wish we were not so far away but always in our hearts. Love, JoAnn

    • Hi JoAnn, we did miss you! As you can imagine, we Tunno’s were very subdued and quiet — NOT. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next wedding. I hope everything is under control and the twins and Roman are all doing great. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Give my best to the family and Bill!

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