If You Can’t Breathe…

Mom in Zebra print

Mom breathing deep in a fab zebra fashion statement.

I woke up this morning a little stuffy. Anytime I can’t breathe I think of another piece of Mom’s wisdom. (Clearly, the woman never leaves me.)

Years ago, my friend Rick and I took my parents to a Mexican restaurant near the shore in Santa Monica. The restaurant was at the top of a high rise building which overlooked the ocean and we thought they’d enjoy the view.

We took the elevator to the top and the doors opened to a room packed with people celebrating happy hour and waiting for a table. The four of us pushed our way through and waited near the front door for a while when my mother said to Rick in very dramatic fashion, “Reek, a honey, I gadda get oudda here, I can’d a breede.”

Rick took her to a less crowded area where she inhaled deeply then exhaled and said very seriously, “Oh Reek, datta was a awful, I couldn’d breede (breathe) inna dare and, Hey, eeffa you can’d a breed, you may as wella be dead!”

Excellent point. Guess I’ll make that appointment with the ENT doctor.


10 thoughts on “If You Can’t Breathe…

  1. It reminds me of how our own fears can choke us and keep us from moving forward. A great reminder for me. First we have to breathe. Thanks very much, Fran. As usual.

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