And the Winner is…

A few weeks ago, I kicked off my new online store, Gettasommadis with a Grand Opening Contest. All you had to do to win any wonderful item from my store, was refer one person to my blog.  Well I am proud to announce the winner. (Insert mighty trumpet blast here.)

Marianne Gazzilli!

Marianne is the lucky winner of one fabulous item from my store where all the products are based on stories I’ve shared.  (She was also my daughter’s fifth grade teacher, so I was thrilled to find out she is following me and is my winner.)

It’s not every store that sells aprons that say, “My Sauce is Better Than Yours,” or Italian curse word wine charms or t-shirts that proclaim your sons or grandsons, Kings #1, #2, #3.  You don’t have to be Italian to love this store, a good sense of humor is enough, so check it out!

In the meantime — Please send your friends to

I love giving people a good laugh and I hear laughing is good for your longevity, so we could be saving lives here!

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