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Corona Virus

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Talk to Me, Please

April 17, 2020

OK, how long’s it been? I started hearing how serious this was in the U.S. in the beginning of March, and by March 16th or 17th, I was working from home. By the 30th I was furloughed, and now I’ve been home alone a little over a month. (Because Topper–sweet as he can be — cannot be considered company. His conversation skills, even when he’s awake, are seriously…

Random Thoughts Soups

We Can Do This

March 29, 2020

Yesterday, as I was trying to email myself this silly photo for this blog post, Gmail kindly told me I was out of luck because I had used my entire15 gigs of storage. It probably had something to do with those 38,000 emails in my account, dating all the way back to 2008. So, I started culling. I found a lot of emails about PTA stuff, many I’d…

Random Thoughts

Live Long Enough — You See Everything

March 15, 2020

I went to three different grocery stores this weekend to make sure I wasn’t in an apocalyptic dream, but in every store, shelves were bare, like I was in some impoverished, third world country. It was so very bizarre to see the freezer case empty at our local Trader Joes. Pavilions was even worse, their produce section was a ghost town where vegetables and fruit used to live.…