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Random Thoughts

I’m Not Dead, Just Moving.

March 2, 2014

Right up there in Dante’s 9 circles of hell should have been moving. Moving can only be made worse by: 1.¬†Thinking you can save money by renting a truck and moving with a few friends and some guys you heard are pretty good at moving. 2.Your “mover” not showing up, and not even calling, even though you call repeatedly, begging for a response.…

Great Memories

Chicken Soup or Exlax?

February 12, 2014

Since this is flu season and you’re probably suffering through a pretty crappy winter, I wanted to post my mom’s chicken soup recipe. If you’re sick and miserable, at least you’ll be sick, miserable and well fed.¬† But I can’t give you this recipe without the story that goes with it about my mom. ¬†(As you may have guessed, I have many stories about mom, so stick around.)…