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Random Thoughts

Everyday Heroes Who Don’t Make the News

August 31, 2016

Last week my sister-in-law flew me back to Pennsylvania to celebrate my brother Bob’s birthday.  (I am lucky beyond belief to be part of this family.) I do have a photo of Bob in a pointy birthday hat, but I’m not posting it because I’m fairly certain he will hunt me down and kill me if I do. But, I’m keeping it in case blackmail is ever necessary.…

Random Thoughts

One Big Family – Even in L. A.

May 1, 2015

By now it’s well established that I can be a total dolt. I do things like buy tickets for Craig Ferguson, then confuse the date and show up two days after the actual show. On my way out the door, I forget things so often, that poor Topper (my Corgi) stops and looks back at me every three steps as we go down the stairs because he knows…