F!%#ing Persistence

I didn’t bake anything awesome, or make any mistakes more stupid than usual to tell you about this week, so I was uninspired. Then I remembered Jack London’s quote, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

So I sat my butt down and started writing anyway.

No one wants to do what they do every single day. Even bakers, who love to bake probably don’t want to be up at 2 a.m. to start. Name the business, and there are days you just don’t feel like doing it, but you do. Add bad weather and it’s a miracle any job gets done.

I think I got burned out after so many years of working two to four jobs at one time to to make ends meet. I got tired, discouraged, and ran out of steam. Divorce tied a nice bow on it all.

But then I think about all the people who are sick, who’d give anything to just get up and have a normal day of work and I feel like a spoiled brat.

Frenemy's remote.

Frenemy’s remote.

Persistence is the only difference between successful people and others left in the dust. So, I’m duking it out with my frenemy, who wants to sit on the couch and watch Netflix like a slug, and my friend, Persistence, who’s screaming, “Get your ass up and do what you have to do NOW!

She’s a cold bitch, but I kinda like her.

7 thoughts on “F!%#ing Persistence

  1. I so understand Still getting used to life without my Mom. I am trying to pour myself into my blog and enjoy the fact I can do what I want when I want. Working on the blog I do get distracted with other sites like Twitter, but I keep a list of what I need to get done. Some days it’s nice to do nothing at all!

  2. You are doing it, Frannie. Slowly, but surely. I see it and hear it in all of our conversations! And I like Linda’s idea, too!

  3. I hear ya. I go through the same thing. And some days it’s hard to keep pushing, Fran.
    I DO think that there “are” people who just have more of it in them than others and it’s in their inborn personality to have more of that energy & drive. One of the reasons I love Joel Osteen. He gets picks me up & gets me going. He’s that way and I am quite sure it’s what made him a millionaire today. But he did it honestly. My two cents for ya.

  4. Ahh… I know that bitch intimately. Get stuff done and THEN have a Netflix binge! Maybe while clearing out a junk drawer (assuages the guilt).

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