A Gal’s Gotta Sleep

I am learning tonight that working numerous jobs catches up with you. If I nod off again, my  head will hit the keyboard so hard I’ll end up brain damaged — OK, more brain damaged.  So, the blog that would normally have popped in your inbox this morning will pop over the weekend – and be better for it.

A gal’s gotta sleep!

To placate you, I’m leaving you with this classic shot of my mom, so exhausted that she probably never knew one of her stinking kids stuck the newspaper on her head and took a photo.  I’m guessing it was Bernie. If she was alive, Bernie would be slapped hard for taking it and I would be slapped even harder for publishing it!

I think I need to turn this into a greeting card.  If you can think of an appropriate sentiment for it, feel free to chime in.

Mom asleep with paper on head

Mom, exhausted with what looks like the Sunday paper skillfully placed on her head. (This was, no doubt, after a serious pasta Sunday.) Don’t you love the horse lamp to the left of her?  It had a red tiered shade and the horse was a shiny black. Awesome.

I was so tired the first time I posted this, I forgot to put mom’s photo in the post.  DOH!

10 thoughts on “A Gal’s Gotta Sleep

  1. LOVE that photo. And I love that you were so tired you forgot to post it. You’re a funny woman even when you’re not trying to be.

  2. Fran I decided you need to do a Youtube blog too. You could tell your stories while you are cooking. Your personality will shine and you’re too beautiful not to be seen!

    • Well, if I loved you before, I love you even more now! Thanks Howie. I am pondering how to move to the next level of what I’m doing and your suggestion is a great one. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo
      (is that emphatic enough?)

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