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15 Best Gifts for Italians (or Italy Lovers)

October 15, 2021

By now, you know I wear my Italian-ness like a badge of honor. Just surviving childhood, with the nuns during the day and my mom’s Vesuvius-like temperament at home was a pretty impressive feat. I think our formative years graced me and my siblings with an above average sense of humor and lightning-quick reflexes from dodging the spatula.

So, when the holidays roll around I love finding things we Italians can identify with. Usually they involve food, but some are just fun like my Italian Curse Word Wine Charms. I’ve been looking around and have created a list of fifteen things Italians and fans of Italy will love.

  1. A pasta rolling machine. Making homemade pasta is way easier than you think. It’s actually easy, tender and delicious – so make this your year to try it! Order your pasta rolling machine at this link: Williams Sonoma Imperial Pasta Machine
  2. A pasta dryer. Your beautiful pasta should not be draped over tables and chairs! It dries faster and better with a pasta drying rack. Order a pasta dryer at this link: Order it by clicking on this link: Pasta Dryer – Williams Sonoma
  3. The My Sauce is Better Than Yours Apron featuring the six most dreaded words to an Italian. If you wear it, I can’t promise your safety. To order click on this link: My Sauce is Better Than Yours Apron
  4. The Italian Washed Linen Table Runner because it makes your table look like Sophia Loren will come strolling through at any moment. (Helpful tip – iron it damp!) Click on this link: Italian Washed Linen Table Runner
  5. Boyajian Pure Lemon Oil. When I bake lemon biscotti, Lemon Ricotta Bread, or anything lemony, it becomes citrusy deliciousness with this lemon oil! (Too bad I’ve run out – hint hint!) Click on this Boyajian Lemon Oil link
  6. Italian Spice Box This is so stinking cute, and great for holding salt near the stove when you’re cooking, or for hiding your favorite candy in! Why mess with a salt shaker when you can sprinkle salt quickly with your hand? Order it at this link: Italian Spice Box
  7. My Nonna’s Sauce is Better Than Yours Bib or Creeper, because babies can get away with attitude like this. Order it by clicking on this link: My Nonna’s Sauce is Better than Yours Bib And Here’s the link for the creeper: My Nonna’s Sauce is Better than Yours Creeper
  8. Italian Curse Word Wine Charms My mom always said cursing never sounds as bad in Italian. Just read Curse Words Never Sound As Bad in Italian and you’ll understand why I had to memorialize them with wine charms. Get them by clicking on this link: Italian Curse Word Wine Charms. You can even substitute your sainted mom’s favorite curse words!
  9. Italians Don’t Measure, We Just Know Apron. This is not one of my designs, but I love it because it’s true, we do just know! Click on this link: Italians Don’t Measure, We Just Know Apron
  10. Illy Intenso Ground Espresso. This is one of my two favorite espressos. It’s bold, rich, and delicious. If you’re lucky you can find it at your local grocery, if not, get it on Amazon by clicking on this link: Illy Intenso Ground Espresso.
  11. Battery Frother with Case because sometimes you just can’t make it to Starbucks for that foamy, creamy latte! My nephew had one of these and wore it out he used it so much! Click on this link: Battery Frother with Case
  12. Italian Inspirations Gift Basket from Harry and David because everything they sell is not just beautiful, but fresh and absolutely scrumptious. Click on this link for the Italian Inspirations Gift Basket
  13. The DeLallo Cheese and Charcuterie Gift Collection I’ve shopped at DeLallo’s, a Pittsburgh area company, and their food is always fresh and fantastic! The cheese is sharp, creamy heaven and the salami and soppressata make you feel like you’re dining in Tuscany. Here’s the link: Cheese and Charcuterie Gift Collection
  14. John and Kira’s Chocolate Figs. I know, you’re thinking, who the hell would pay 42 bucks for twelve figs? I have, and they’re worth every cent! They’re filled with a whiskey-infused dark chocolate ganache that’s so smooth and creamy, then dipped in dark chocolate. Truly, I lost my mind after my first bite! Trust me on this one! Just click on his link: John and Kira’s Chocolate Figs
  15. Fattoria Estense: Balsamico. This is one of those things that is a splurge but is delicious, goes a long way, and is an absolutely wonderful gift. Just click on this link: Fattoria Estense: Balsamico

However, if you’d like to support a Pittsburgh company, you can also order it here: Pennsylvania Macaroni Company – Fattoria Estense: Balsamico

Just think, you might just get all your holiday shopping done early for a change! If you like this list, please re-post it. And if you’re not a follower already, please scroll to the top right of this page, fill out the sign up link, and my blog will come straight to your inbox. That’s way better than waiting for it to post on Facebook, Linked in or Instagram!

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    And the Winner is…Drumroll Please… – At Fran's Table
    November 26, 2021 at 3:45 pm

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    Edward McCann
    October 15, 2021 at 9:39 am

    Fran! These are great (though I seem to count only 14??) I’ve emailed this post to my Italian-American friends — and it reminds me that we should publish a Read650 prompt calling for stories about the Italian-American experience (I’m thinking “Mambo Italiano” as a title — your thoughts?). x Ed

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      Fran Tunno
      October 15, 2021 at 1:31 pm

      Oh Ed! Thank you! I was making a change in the list and I think your version dropped to 14 before I updated. Go back and check because #15 should be some fantastic Balsamic Vinegar my nephew introduced me to. It’s totally worth the price in my humble opinion! I have so very many stories to tell! I think that’s a great idea. Did you know there are 15.7 million people in this country who identify as Italian American? I think you’ll get a nice response. I will definitely contribute for that. In the meantime, Here’s one for you: What six words strike terror into the heart of any Italian? My sauce is better than yours!

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