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Easy Delicious Dinner Ideas

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New Year Slow-Cooked Pork and Sauerkraut

January 3, 2015

In Western Pennsylvania, there are traditions you just have to keep.  One is pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day. I may not live there currently, but I’ll be damned if I’m giving up this tradition, it’s too good. It’s said to be good luck to eat pork on New Year’s Day because pigs root forward, so, your year will start in a positive direction, unless you’re a…

Easy Delicious Dinner Ideas Pasta, Polenta & Risotto

If You Don’t Make Your Own Pesto, You Should be Slapped

August 19, 2014

If you don’t make your own pesto, you should be slapped. * There I said it. That’s probably the most controversial thing you’ll see on this blog, and I mean it. Why? Because you’re passing up your moment of culinary immortality. Years from now, people will forget how you looked, what you said and what you wore, but they’ll never forget the creamy, fresh taste of your pasta…

Breakfast Easy Delicious Dinner Ideas Great Memories

Dreaming of Spring

February 22, 2014

If you’re in a state that’s not Florida, California or Hawaii right now, you’re probably dreaming of spring.  I live in California and I apologize up front.  It just happened this way, I didn’t really plan it, so don’t hate me.  I never gloat over the weather because I could be killed at any second by a terrifying mother of an earthquake.  That pretty much evens things out…

Easy Delicious Dinner Ideas

Mommy Meals

January 21, 2014

A “Mommy Meal” is a meal that makes your kids look at you like with the kind of affection you can only count on from your dog. I’ve never won a beauty pageant but I imagine it’s like the adulation beauty pageant winners and CEO’s get all the time. Although it’s not enough to make me put on a bathing suit with heels, or run Walmart (I’m sure…