Why Hello Officer…

Police officers

Glendale Officers Stan Mar and Dan Kiang

Nothing good ever comes of lusting for a hamburger so badly, that you can’t think of anything else. Continue reading

The Power of Pizza

My daughter just started college a few weeks ago. I hate to admit it, but it’s nice to be able to take a break from my indentured servitude with the PTA. I think I served for 12 years. PTA years are like dog years, so that’s close to an average life expectancy I put in. I did what I had time to do, but there were women and men, far more devoted than me, who practically lived at the school — God bless their demented little heads.

I salute those devoted PTA parents. They did it because they loved their kids. If you’re one, reach behind your back and give yourself a nice little pat because you probably won’t get a thank-you from your kids until they’re in their 30’s.

I also want to salute my mom, who always wanted to help, but didn’t drive and was self-conscious because she knew she didn’t fit in. She wasn’t a PTA mom, but she did what she could, cleaning off food trays in my elementary school cafeteria — a thankless job. However, it wasn’t until I was in high school, that she finally got the acknowledgement she deserved. Continue reading

My Mom, Bob Barker, and the Enduring Power of Dreams

(September 23rd will be the 32nd anniversary of my mom’s big debut on national television. After this story, which was originally called, “Da Holy Hour.” I have an accompanying YouTube video of my mom in action. Watch it after you read the story. If you ever thought I was making any of this stuff up, this video will prove I’m not.)

How  I imagine her every September 23rd.

The look I imagine her with every September 23rd.

Some women love athletes, others love actors, but only the truly discerning woman, has her passions inflamed by a game show host. That was my mom. Continue reading

How My Italian Mom Weeded Out Prospective Suitors

It’s no surprise that I was 32 when I married. Frankly, I’m amazed I was that young because my mom had a way of winnowing out the weaker prospects pretty quickly.

Any  suitor who visited had to be warned about her because her childlike frankness left people stunned. To protect myself, I sat at the table with her, laughing too loud so whomever she was talking to knew she was kidding (she wasn’t). This rarely worked and made me look like a nervous hyena. Continue reading