Lemon Ricotta Cookies – My New Love

Dating can be so difficult. Does he like me, does he not? Why doesn’t he call? Should I call him? Why isn’t he emotionally available?

As my mom used to say, “Who loves you comes after you.” She was right — that’s all you need to know about relationships.  Unfortunately, this means I am now in love with a cookie.

lemon ricotta cookies

Love’s more wonderful, with lemon ricotta cookies.

Some might say this is not an emotionally healthy mindset, but I disagree. Quite frankly, life is much easier with Lemon Ricotta Cookies. There are no guessing games.  If you make this cookie I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it.

Your friends will come over and ooh and ah over it. It’s tender, moist, versatile, and just the right amount of sweet.  You can put it on a pedestal and it won’t get all weird and uppity on you. It won’t make demands on you, and will stay with you forever (probably on your hips).

Since I’ve been on such a writing tangent, I figured it was time to cough up a few recipes. I’ve owed you this one for a while.  I truly do love it.  I got it from my ex-husbands first ex-wife.  I’d explain, but you’d need a dry erase board and markers standing by just to get the children and step-children straight.

Trust me, Lemon Ricotta Cookies are much easier than ex-husbands or boyfriends,they make you look like a culinary goddess, and never steal the remote.  Sounds like love to me.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

(This can also be made with oranges — Use the zest of one large orange for the cookie batter and three tablespoons of orange juice for the icing.)

1/4 lb. butter at room temp

1 1/4 c. sugar

1 – 15 oz container *Galbani Ricotta

1 egg at room temp

1/2 tsp. vanilla

Zest of  three large lemons

2 1/2 cups flour

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. baking powder

Cream sugar and butter. Add egg, ricotta, vanilla and orange or lemon zest. Combine the dry ingredients. The original recipe said to sift flour, baking soda and baking powder (but I did no sifting and they were great).

Add dry ingredients slowly to the mixing bowl with sugar, egg ricotta mixture. Once thoroughly combined, drop by tablespoon onto an un-greased cookie sheet.

Bake 14 min. in a 350 degree oven. Move to a cooling rack and ice when cooled. (The original recipe said to ice while warm, but I like them better  and they look prettier if the icing doesn’t seep in too much so I let them cool. If using Non-pareils, sprinkle as you go. The icing hardens quickly so sprinkle soon after iced.

Icing: 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar

2 tbs butter (melted)

6 tbs whipping cream (Original recipe called for milk, but cream makes it look whiter and prettier)

7 tsp or more of fresh lemon juice

Pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients with a whisk. Icing should be liquid enough to drip on the cookie and have it drizzle down the sides. Drizzle icing on tops of cooled cookies. Sprinkle with decorative sprinkles immediately. Makes about 50 cookies.

*When it comes to ricotta, I think Galbani is the best. It’s much less gritty than others. That doesn’t matter quite as much in this cookie as it does in cannoli, but I always use it. I like it best, and no, they’re not paying me to say that, but they should!

20 thoughts on “Lemon Ricotta Cookies – My New Love

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  2. Frannie, I’m glad you re-posted this recipe. When we were at Patrick’s wedding, I cruised the cookie tables and ran into these little buggers. I said, “Wow, these are my favorite!” I asked around and found out YOU made them. All the cookies were good, but the lemon ricotta cookies would get my vote for the blue ribbon! They have been on my mind lately, and “poof” the recipe reappeared!

  3. Fran, my daughter, Melissa, is into family traditions and made these at Christmas. Yummy! I’m going to share your recipe with her. Melissa is one of my “step” daughters but we aren’t a “step” kind of family. We blended well and Melissa lived with us. She hasn’t a drop of Italian blood but she loves our trading and food. She’s definitely the glue in our family!

    • Di, I am thrilled. I think she’ll love them. I am a sucker for anything lemon and these are wonderful. I am so glad you always read and share my blogs, you are the absolute best! And your family is proof of that, you don’t get great kids or step kids without a lot of effort and love going in.

  4. Sounds GOOD & fattening. WHY can’t delicious cookies NOT be fattening, . . . agh! How do you bake all that all the time Fran, and not look like a house?! I’d have to sample everything & then some! I guess that’s why I don’t do much of the Betty Crocker routine. But I’m glad “you” do! I haven’t tasted anything you’ve made that I haven’t liked/loved!

    • Thanks, that’s the best compliment a baker can hear. Once I bake it the thrill is usually gone, but I do have one or two every now and then, which is why my pants don’t fit now.

    • I can’t wait to make them. I’ll have to bring them on the plane, but will need to ice them the night before I serve them, otherwise they don’t look as pretty. I will figure it out!

  5. Matilda, you should know, I now want to run over to Fran’s house and get my hands on those leftovers!!’ But since I did, indeed, ‘find’ them on Sunday – and by ‘find’ them I mean ate MANY!!!!! – I will try to refrain so as to share the ridiculous goodness with the world!! Take Fran up on that offer! And Frenzie, I am pretty sure those lemon ricotta cookies love you just as much for making them as good as you do!

    • Nicol, i Like you! — And You’re in such excellent shape, you CAN eat multiple Frenzie Treats (love the Frenzie)….. And Franneleh, where do you live?? I’m stunned you have any left. Had i known they were Ricotta Lemon, i would’ve skipped the cupcake (which was also of course Fabulous). What i’d really love is to come over for Italian Anything sometime….You are Amazing

  6. i am so Bummed to have missed this on Sunday…..(i went for the carrot cake cupcake AND the chocolately chocolate treat — after which i Had to stop, or die). Wishing now i’d wrapped one of these in a napkin and tucked it into my purse — in spite of whatever that would make me….sigh.

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